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Our People

The faces behind our story

Jordan Foster

Group Chief Financial Officer, Peninsula Global

Darren Chadwick

Group Commercial Director

Caroline Marston

Chief Operating Officer, Peninsula Employsure

Anthony Rous

Chief Financial Officer, Peninsula Employsure

Arun McIntosh

Sales Director UKI, Peninsula

Chris Wareing

Digital Growth and Marketing Director, Peninsula Canada

Keith Simmons

Director of Group Finance, Peninsula

Mark McMinn

Sales Director, BrightHR Canada

Laura Stace

Director Inside Sales, Croner-i

Stephen Galley

SafeCheck Director, Peninsula

Joseph Kemp

Face2Face Director, Peninsula

Matthew Gardner

Finance Director, Croner

Catherine Roberts

Director of Client Care and Retention, Peninsula

Ian Franzen

Director of IT Services UKI, Peninsula

Gregory Fry

Sales Director, Croner

Alex Maher

Director of Engineering, BrightHR

Paul Higginbotham

Director of Finance, Peninsula UK

Chris Owen

Finance Director, BrightHR

Iain Eagling

Sales Director, Health Assured

Stuart Holder

Sales Director, Peninsula Employsure ANZ

Jamie Parker

Director - Inside Sales

Rebecca Cole

Associate Director Head of Sales Enablement, Croner-i

David Surridge

Associate Director of Sales, Croner-i

Miriam Payne

Associate Director Group PR and Comms UKI

Nicola Mullineux

Associate Director - HR Content, Peninsula

Tito Golder

Associate Director - Salesforce and High Intensity Sales Programmes

Mujda Rasoul

Associate Director - Service, Peninsula Canada

Scott Houston

Associate Director Product, Croner-i

Jasmin Nilser

Associate Director of Inside Sales - West, Peninsula Canada

Simon Shaw

Associate Director - Group Credit, Peninsula

Sive Fitzpatrick

Associate Director - Inside Sales, Peninsula Ireland

Owen Clark

Associate Director - Field Sales, Peninsula

Julie Hernon

Associate Director - Group Tax, Peninsula

James Berne

Associate Director of Technology, Peninsula Employsure

Sarah Kuruyawa

Regional Sales Director, Peninsula

Aaron Paddison

Associate Director - Cyber Security, Peninsula

Jayde Stott

Associate Director Inside Sales, BrightHR

Will Hayes

Associate Director - Digital Marketing, Peninsula

Chris Ede

Associate Director - Payroll, BrightHR

Pierson Grasby

Associate Director of Inside Sales - East, Peninsula Canada

John Ryan

Associate Director Finance, Peninsula Ireland

Ming Lee

Vice President - IT, Peninsula Canada

Gordon Galloway

Vice President - Finance, Peninsula Canada

Frank O'Rourke

Vice President - Health & Safety, Peninsula Canada

Kiran Virk

Head of Talent Acquisition, Peninsula Canada

Graham Watson

Head of Field Sales - East, Peninsula Canada

Edy Haddad

Head of Field Sales - West, Peninsula Canada

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